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Our local dental clinic in Nicosia features the latest dental technology to offer patients safe, precise and pain-free treatments.

Experience the benefits of dental innovations personalized to your needs, setting a new standard for comprehensive and advanced dental care in Nicosia – only at Symeou Dental Center!

Dental Tech in Our Dental Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental microscopes provide enhanced vision and magnification, aiding in precise procedures such as endodontic treatments, tooth preparation for crowns and veneers, and identifying tooth defects like decay and fractures.

ZOOM! Whitening uses a special light-activated gel and the ZOOM! light to penetrate the tooth surface, resulting in teeth that are up to 8 shades whiter. It’s a fast, effective, and safe method for teeth whitening.

The Kavo Key laser is versatile, used for treating gum and periodontal disease, gum reshaping, removal of gum overgrowth, addressing oral sores like aphthas and herpes, frenectomies, and removing decayed tooth structure.

KaVo DIAGNOdent® is a precise decay detection tool that uses laser technology to measure tooth enamel density. It allows us to identify and treat early-stage problems using minimally invasive techniques, promoting long-term teeth health.

Laser technology uses special light beams to help perform dental treatments. It’s used to treat gum issues, remove small sores, and even help make teeth whiter. Lasers can be very precise and make treatments more comfortable.

Yes, all our advanced technologies, including dental microscopes, lasers, and decay detection tools, are safe and well-established in dentistry. Our experienced team ensures your comfort and safety during procedures.

The CEREC CAD/CAM system enables same-day fabrication of dental restorations like crowns, bridges, veneers, and more. It eliminates the need for multiple visits, impressions, and temporary restorations, providing convenience and efficiency.

Absolutely! Our advanced technologies, such as lasers and precision diagnostic tools, play a significant role in gum disease treatment and management. They enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of various procedures for optimal results.

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