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In a dental emergency, just give us a call!

In case of a dental emergency in Nicosia, it is important to seek immediate professional help. Contact Symeou Dental Center. We will be able to address your specific situation and provide the necessary treatment for your dental emergency.

If you’re experiencing sudden pain or you suddenly broke a tooth, our clinic is equipped to deliver swift and effective treatment. Whether you are a new or existing patient, you can benefit from our same-day appointments and extended hours.

Don’t let dental emergencies catch you off guard and disrupt your daily activities – call our clinic now to receive the immediate attention and dental pain relief you deserve.

Experienced Emergency Dentists Near You

An emergency dentist is a specialized dental practitioner who offers urgent care and treatment for dental emergencies that occur beyond the regular operating hours of dental clinics. 

Our emergency dentists at Symeou Dental Center Nicosia have extensive expertise in managing a wide spectrum of dental emergencies. Our dental professionals deliver swift and efficient dental treatments by leveraging cutting-edge equipment and advanced techniques.

With our comprehensive knowledge and proficiency, we can provide immediate relief and effective solutions to alleviate urgent pain and discomfort.

Rely on our emergency dentists for high-quality dental care, catering to your urgent dental needs with professionalism and understanding.

Urgent Dental Services

Our team has extensive experience in handling all dental emergencies, including:

Our emergency dentists are skilled at diagnosing and treating the root causes of persistent tooth pain, offering relief and comfort.

Whether damaged due to an accident or decay, our dentists provide swift care to restore oral function and your smile’s appearance.

Our dentists can quickly reimplant the tooth or discuss alternative options for treatment.

Our dentists offer pain relief and prevent potential complications from arising.

Our dentists replace or repair dental fillings or crowns, ensuring the affected tooth remains protected and functional.

Our immediate care aims to address any damage to your teeth and the surrounding tissues, putting you on the path to recovery.

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Dental Emergency Plan

Here’s our guide to navigating emergencies before you arrive at the dental clinic:

Evaluate the severity of the dental issue to determine the urgency of the situation.

Maintaining a composed manner is essential.

Give us accurate information about the situation so that we can offer you appropriate guidance.

Over-the-counter pain relievers can temporarily alleviate discomfort.

Apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or gauze to manage bleeding.

Reduce swelling by applying a cold compress to the affected area.

Refrain from trying self-treatment methods.

For critical situations, seek care from our emergency dentist.

Our team of expert emergency dentists will provide you with the urgent care you need to relieve pain, address concerns, and restore your oral health.

Dental Emergency Insurance

Symeou Dental Center collaborates closely with various dental insurance providers, ensuring you have the necessary coverage to alleviate emergency dental treatment expenses.

Our experienced team will help you understand the intricacies of your insurance plan, guiding you through filing claims smoothly and efficiently.

Should you encounter a dental emergency, rest assured that our swift and responsive approach will provide you with the immediate care you need. Timely action is vital in dental emergencies, and our skilled emergency dentists are always prepared to offer prompt and effective treatment.

We’re here to stand by you during moments of urgency, ensuring your oral health remains safeguarded, and your peace of mind is restored.

Dental Emergency Hotline and
Same-Day Appointments

In dental emergencies, it’s essential to address the problem immediately. At Symeou Dental Center Nicosia, we recognize this urgency, and have established a dedicated dental emergency hotline to ensure rapid and efficient assistance when you need it most. 

When you contact us, you can expect immediate guidance and support from our compassionate team, who are well-versed in handling various emergencies. Rest assured that your well-being is our top priority. Based on the information you provide, we will decide if you need a same-day emergency appointment. 

This proactive approach allows us to promptly address your dental needs, providing necessary care without unnecessary delay. Our commitment to your oral health and comfort ensures you receive the attention and treatment you deserve, offering you peace of mind during challenging times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To contact an emergency dentist, simply dial +357 22 751789. Our helpful staff will promptly schedule your emergency appointment and offer personalized guidance

Yes, in a dental emergency, you can receive treatment from a dentist even if you are not registered with them. Emergency dentists are well-prepared to deliver immediate care and assistance, regardless of your registration status.

Prompt dental care is essential if you’re enduring too much tooth pain. In the meantime, you can alleviate discomfort by rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater, applying a cold compress to the affected area, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers as instructed by your dentist over the phone.

Delaying treatment for a toothache is not a good idea, as it may signify an underlying problem that can get worse without intervention. To address the issue promptly and receive suitable treatment, contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

Indeed, a dead tooth can produce an unpleasant smell, usually due to bacterial presence and decay inside the tooth. Seeking immediate dental treatment is essential to address the problem and avoid potential complications.

Immediate dental attention is crucial for a dead tooth, as it can lead to infection, abscess formation, and possible harm to neighboring teeth and tissues if left untreated. Schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible! Call +357 22 751789

For throbbing tooth nerve pain, it’s crucial to see a dentist as soon as possible. Until then, alleviate discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers, cold compresses, and saltwater rinses. Avoid extreme temperatures in food and drinks, and maintain gentle oral hygiene. Elevate your head, even while sleeping, to reduce pain. Remember, these are temporary measures; underlying dental issues require professional care.

A black tooth may indicate substantial decay or damage. Although not all black teeth are emergencies, it is vital to have them assessed by a dentist to identify the cause and administer suitable treatment.

Remember that for any dental emergency, it’s crucial to seek immediate professional care. Reach out to our dental emergency hotline to schedule your emergency appointment.Remember that for any dental emergency, it’s crucial to seek immediate professional care. Reach out to our dental emergency hotline to schedule your emergency appointment.

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