Gum Disease Treatment in Nicosia

Treating Bleeding Gums Efficiently

In Nicosia, there are various gum disease treatment options available. Dentists may recommend scaling and root planing, antibiotics, or surgical procedures depending on the severity of the condition. It is important to have a consultation with our dental professionals for an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

Our specialized treatments, from scaling and root planing to periodontal surgery, are designed to address every stage and complication of gum disease. Whether you’re experiencing early gingivitis signs or deeper periodontal pockets, our experienced dentists ensure effective periodontal treatment tailored to your needs.

Dental education is also important, so we always inform our patients about the intricate relationship between gum health and conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and pregnancy. Let’s combat gum disease together so that you can enjoy enhanced oral health for the years to come!

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, officially known as periodontal disease or periodontitis, is an inflammatory condition affecting the soft tissues surrounding teeth.

Initiated by dental plaque, this bacterial buildup irritates the gums, leading to gingivitis, the earliest phase of gum disease. If left untreated, it can advance to more severe stages, affecting the bone that supports the teeth. 

Symptoms can range from red, swollen gums and bad breath to, in more advanced stages, gum recession and tooth loss. Factors like poor oral hygiene, smoking, and underlying health conditions like diabetes increase the risk of suffering more severe symptoms.

The connection between gum disease and systemic health issues, such as heart disease and complications in pregnancy, means it needs urgent treatment. Early detection and intervention can halt or even reverse the damage. Thus, regular dental check-ups and maintaining oral hygiene are pivotal in gum disease prevention and management.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

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Non-Surgical Treatment of Gum Disease

Non-surgical treatments offer a minimally invasive approach to addressing bleeding gums and receding gums, prioritizing early intervention and patient comfort. These can include:

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Gingivitis is treated by professional teeth cleanings (scaling), after which the gums recover and assume their original form and position. Scaling is followed by polishing, which removes stains usually left by coffee, tea and tobacco.

Incorporating antiseptic mouthwashes into your oral care routine can aid in reducing bacterial growth and fostering the recovery of gum tissues.

In our clinic, we use this cutting-edge device for fast and pain-free removal of enamel stains and bacterial plaque, without damaging the enamel of our teeth. This machine sprays out a jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate powder to thoroughly clean the teeth surfaces, reaching areas where no other instrument can reach, while being gentle to the teeth!

What Causes Gum Inflammation?

Our teeth are continually bathed in saliva, which contains calcium and other substances that help strengthen and protect our teeth.

While this is a good thing, it also means that we tend to get a build-up of calcium deposits on the teeth. These deposits accumulate on our teeth and eventually start moving towards and under our gums, providing the right conditions for bacteria to thrive.

This causes gum inflammation (gingivitis), which is most commonly seen by the patient as swollen gums that bleed easily.

Maintenance and Prevention

At Symeou Dental Centre in Nicosia, we prioritize your gum health through a holistic approach to prevention. Our focus on gum disease prevention includes:
Regular Dental Check-ups

Scheduled visits allow us to identify gum disease early and provide timely treatment, minimizing potential complications.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Daily brushing, flossing, and using interdental brushes are vital in preventing gum disease by removing plaque and debris that can lead to infection.

Quit Smoking

Taking steps to quit smoking significantly reduces gum disease risk and supports oral health.

Healthy Diet

A nutrient-rich diet supports gum health by providing essential vitamins and minerals that aid in tissue repair and immunity.

Stress Management

Reducing stress through healthy coping mechanisms positively influences oral health, as chronic stress is linked to an increased risk of gum disease.

Why Choose Symeou Dental Center for
Gum Disease Treatment in Nicosia?

Expert Dentists

When it comes to gum disease treatment in Nicosia, Symeou Dental Center stands as a premier choice for comprehensive care. Our commitment to oral health is reflected in our advanced treatment options, skilled dentists, and patient-centered approach.


With a focus on early detection and personalized treatment plans, we ensure that your gum disease is addressed timely and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to provide cutting-edge treatments.

Advanced Technology

We also use the PROFYflex3 airflow system device, which is perfect for fast and pain-free removal of enamel stains and bacterial plaque, without damaging the enamel of our teeth. This machine sprays out a jet of air, water, and sodium bicarbonate powder to thoroughly clean the teeth surfaces, reaching areas no other instrument can reach.

Patient-Focused Environment

Whether you’re seeking preventive measures, advanced interventions, or simply guidance on maintaining healthy gums, our expert dental team is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Early detection and proper treatment can stop gum disease from progressing and even reverse its effects in mild cases. While advanced gum disease may not be completely cured, it can be effectively managed with professional care and proper oral hygiene.

Treatments for gum disease vary based on the case’s severity. Non-surgical options like scaling and root planing work well for mild cases, while advanced stages may necessitate surgery.

Successful gum disease treatment involves a combination of professional care and consistent at-home oral hygiene practices. While there’s no quick solution, timely intervention leads to better outcomes.

Corsodyl mouthwash contains an antiseptic that can reduce gum disease-related bacteria. However, it’s not a substitute for professional dental care.

Neglected gum disease can lead to tooth loss, underscoring the importance of early identification and treatment. Gum disease is a significant concern that can compromise dental health and overall well-being if left untreated.

The duration of gum disease treatment varies with its severity. Early-stage gum disease can respond quickly to treatment, while advanced cases may need extended care.

Neglecting gum disease can have harmful effects on oral and overall health. Seeking professional treatment is vital for maintaining a healthy smile.

The last phase of gum disease is periodontitis, marked by irreversible damage to the bone and tissues that support the teeth.

Our dentist can determine if you have gingivitis (early-stage gum disease) or periodontitis (advanced gum disease) through a dental examination.

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