Cosmetic Dentistry in Nicosia

Improve Your Smile’s Aesthetic Appearance

Are you dreaming of a perfect smile – straight white teeth and healthy gums?

Explore the world of cosmetic dentistry at Symeou Dental Center Nicosia, where we blend the art of aesthetic improvement with the science of oral health.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about appearance; it’s about creating the right balance between beauty and function. From teeth whitening and dental veneers to dental implants and bonding, our expert dentists harness the latest procedures to curate dental treatments tailored to you. 

Our expert cosmetic dentists in Nicosia are passionate about transforming smiles, enhancing your confidence, and providing the meticulous care you deserve. Choose us, and let’s work together on that dream smile!

What Cosmetic Dentistry Includes

Achieve a beautiful, natural-looking, and healthy smile with one or a
combination of the following procedures.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is a reflection of your unique personality and confidence. Our commitment to enhancing your smile’s beauty and function is evident in the results of our cosmetic dental procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry is about improving the visual appeal of your teeth, leading to a more captivating and radiant smile.

A stunning smile can boost self-confidence and improve overall emotional well-being.

Cosmetic dentistry effectively addresses a wide spectrum of dental imperfections like discoloration, chips, fractures, misalignment, and gaps.

Many cosmetic procedures can optimize the functional aspects of your teeth, facilitating proper biting, chewing, and articulation.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments allow you to enjoy your enhanced smile for years to come with diligent care and maintenance.

 We prioritize procedures that save your natural tooth structure while achieving remarkable aesthetic results.

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What to Expect During Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you interested in cosmetic dentistry? The first step is to book a complimentary consultation at Symeou Dental Center in Nicosia.

A cosmetic dentistry procedure typically involves:

Consultation and Examination

Our dentist analyzes your oral health, discusses your objectives, and crafts a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment Planning

The cosmetic treatment plan will outline suggested procedures and their timeline to meet your specific needs and desires.

Teeth Preparation

This step may involve reshaping, removing minimal enamel, or preparing the area for dental restorations.

Dental Restoration

Our dentist may apply veneers, dental implants, crown placement, etc.

Follow-up Care

Our dentist gives comprehensive instructions and suggests follow-up appointments if necessary.

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. General Dentistry

While both cosmetic and general dentistry prioritize the health and functionality of the teeth and gums, their primary focuses differ in distinct ways.

General dentistry is predominantly about preventing, diagnosing, and treating oral health issues, including procedures like routine cleanings, fillings, and root canals. Its main goal is to maintain and restore the health of your teeth and gums.

On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the appearance of your smile. It may include teeth whitening, veneers, and dental bonding, which aim to improve tooth shape, alignment, and color.

While general dentistry lays the foundation for oral health, cosmetic dentistry builds upon it to offer a more aesthetically pleasing result. However, both fields work hand in hand to ensure patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

The cost of cosmetic dentistry may vary based on the treatment, the case’s complexity, and the dentist’s experience.

Symeou Dental Center provides flexible payment options, so that everyone can have access to a beautiful smile. In your consultation, our team will outline the costs linked to your tailored cosmetic dentistry plan.

Cost-Influencing Factors

The procedure’s intricacy, materials, and dentist’s expertise can influence the final cost.

Insurance Considerations

Typically elective, insurance might not cover cosmetic dentistry, yet some treatments could have partial coverage under specific plans.

Financial Alternatives

Our team can explain to you the payment options, helping you select a financial plan that suits you.

Why Choose Symeou Dental Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Nicosia?

With cutting-edge techniques, personalized care, and a passion for crafting stunning smiles, we are your partners in achieving the captivating look you desire. From teeth whitening to transformative veneers and innovative dental implants, our experts harness the power of modern dentistry to elevate your appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The longevity of cosmetic dentistry outcomes varies based on how good care of the results the patient takes.

It’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly, and follow aftercare instructions to maximize the lifespan of your cosmetic dentistry outcomes.

Our dentists will provide specific information and instructions for you to follow.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures vary in terms of discomfort, but advancements in techniques and anesthesia have made many procedures relatively painless.

Our experienced dentists minimize discomfort and make the process as comfortable as possible. If you have concerns about pain, you can discuss them with our dentists.

Yes, cosmetic dentistry can address crooked teeth and improve their alignment. The specific treatment option will depend on the severity of the crookedness and your individual needs. At Symeou Dental Center, we evaluate your dental problem and then, we recommend the most appropriate treatment option for you and your needs.

Many cosmetic procedures can be performed on individuals of all ages. It’s crucial to talk with our experienced dentists who can evaluate your oral health, understand your goals, and recommend appropriate treatments based on your specific circumstances.

Some limitations and complications may include:

  • Allergic responses
  • Temporary tooth sensitivity
  • Weaken tooth structure
  • Unrealistic expectations from patients

Our experienced team ensures meticulous consideration of potential risks, backed by expertise and personalized care, providing the best cosmetic dentistry experience.

Cosmetic dentistry is described as an elective procedure and may not be covered by insurance. However, certain treatments, such as dental implants for restoring missing teeth, may have partial coverage depending on your insurance plan. We recommend checking with your insurance provider for more information.

The alternatives to cosmetic dentistry depend on your dental needs and goals. For example, orthodontic treatment may be an alternative to dental veneers for correcting crooked teeth. During your consultation, our dentist will discuss with you the best treatment option for your oral health.

To maintain the results of your cosmetic dentistry treatments, it is essential to follow some dental rules, including: 
  • Oral Hygiene: Brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent plaque buildup and maintain oral health. 
  • Regular Check-ups: Schedule routine dental visits for professional cleanings and assessments of your oral health. 
  • Follow Instructions: Adhere to any post-treatment care instructions provided by your dentist to ensure proper healing and recovery. 
  • Avoid Staining Foods: Minimize consumption of staining foods and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco to keep your teeth bright.
  • Protect Teeth: Wear a mouthguard if you participate in sports to prevent tooth damage, especially if you’ve had veneers or crowns. 
  • Use Teeth-Friendly Products: Use toothpaste and mouthwash that are suitable for maintaining cosmetic enhancements. 
  • Prevent Teeth Grinding: If you grind your teeth, consider wearing a nightguard to prevent tooth damage.
  • Regular Teeth Whitening: If you’ve had teeth whitening, occasional touch-up treatments can help maintain your bright smile. 
  • Orthodontic Maintenance: If you’ve had orthodontic treatment, wear retainers as directed to prevent teeth from shifting back.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Eat a balanced diet and avoid excessive sugar consumption to avoid tooth decay.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated and maintain optimal oral health. 
  • Avoid Bad Habits: Avoid using your teeth as tools, e.g., a bit on hard objects that could damage dental work.

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