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At Symeou Dental Center, we believe in the power of a hearty and perfectly aligned smile – how it can illuminate a room, forge connections, and mirror the confidence within.

As you begin your orthodontic treatment with us, you’re not just embarking on a journey to straighten teeth; you’re embracing a transformation that extends to every facet of your daily life.

Dr. Gaetano Pisano and his team will help you achieve a smile that empowers you to conquer the world with unshakable confidence.

We blend cutting-edge teeth straightening techniques with unparalleled patient care, ensuring your orthodontic journey is safe, smooth, and enjoyable.

We’re here to craft your perfect smile, starting with a free consultation about orthodontic braces, invisible braces and Invisalign!

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

We offer an array of traditional and innovative orthodontic options tailored to your unique needs:

Traditional Metal Braces

The tried-and-true method, traditional braces employ metal brackets and wires to achieve precise teeth alignment.

Invisible Clear Retainers

Invisalign is a discreet alternative to metal braces featuring custom-made transparent trays.

Ceramic Braces

Blend seamlessly with natural teeth for a subtle, sophisticated look.

Removable Appliances

Address specific orthodontic concerns easily using removable appliances like aligners and retainers.

Orthodontic Appliances

In orthodontics, there’s a range of dental devices that can correct misaligned teeth and other dental issues. The most popular and widely-used orthodontic appliances include:


These consist of metal or ceramic brackets, wires, and bands that work together to guide teeth into the optimal position.

After braces are removed, retainers step in to maintain the achieved alignment, preventing teeth from shifting back.

This external appliance exerts gentle pressure to influence jaw growth and bite alignment, which is beneficial for individuals with bite irregularities.

Address crowding and crossbites, gradually widening the upper jaw. This corrective measure creates the necessary space for teeth to realign naturally.

Help preserve gaps for permanent teeth to emerge, preventing future crowding or misalignments.

These transparent trays provide a discreet and convenient way to achieve your desired smile without the constraints of traditional braces.

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Before The Orthodontic Treatment Gets Started

The process of orthodontics includes the following:

Initial Orthodontic Assessment

Examination of your teeth, bite, and overall oral health to create a tailored treatment plan.

Captures precise visuals of your teeth and jaw structure to provide invaluable insights.

Taken to create molds that serve as the foundation for crafting custom orthodontic devices, such as braces, aligners, or retainers.

In some cases, achieving optimal alignment may require the removal of specific teeth.

Corrective jaw surgery may be considered for more significant jaw misalignments.

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The Orthodontic Treatment Process

The orthodontic treatment typically includes:

Placement of Orthodontic Appliances

Whether you opt for traditional braces or modern, invisible aligners, this step marks the beginning of your smile transformation.

Regular Check-ups and Adjustments

During treatment, your orthodontist will schedule routine appointments to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.

Completion of Treatment

Once the teeth have reached their desired positions, braces or aligners are removed.

Use of Retainers

Most patients wear retainers after treatment with traditional dental braces to prevent the teeth from reverting to their original positions.

Follow-up Visits

Periodic visits ensure that retainers fit well and teeth maintain their new positions. It’s also an opportunity to address any post-treatment concerns.

Smile Transformation

With the treatment complete, patients can fully embrace and flaunt their newly aligned, picture-perfect smiles!

Orthodontic Problems Addressed At
Symeou Dental Center

Orthodontic care is a multi-faceted journey aiming to achieve optimal alignment and function. Our expert orthodontists treat:


Misaligned teeth and jaws lead to difficulties in biting, chewing, and speaking.


When the upper teeth extend significantly over the lower teeth, leading to issues with the jaw joint and facial appearance.


When the lower teeth protrude beyond the upper teeth, affecting bite function and facial aesthetics.


An upper and lower teeth misalignment during biting, leading to uneven wear, discomfort, and potential jaw issues.

Open Bite

Front teeth failing to meet when back teeth are together, affecting biting and speech patterns.


Insufficient space can result in overlapping and misalignment, making oral hygiene maintenance challenging.


Gaps between teeth, impacting aesthetics and leading to the shifting of neighboring teeth.

Midline Misalignment

When the centerlines of upper and lower teeth do not align, affecting facial symmetry and harmony.

Orthodontic Specialists in Nicosia

Orthodontic treatment is a collaborative effort led by highly trained specialists who bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

At Symeou Dental Center Nicosia, our orthodontists stand as the pillars of our orthodontic care. With advanced training and extensive experience, they possess the knowledge and skills to effectively align teeth, correct bite irregularities, and enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of your smile.

Our team also includes dentofacial orthopedists, who specialize in addressing dental alignment and facial skeletal irregularities. These experts are proficient in achieving balanced facial proportions, functional harmony, and a smile that radiates confidence from within. 

With our specialized expertise, you can look forward to a confident smile that radiates beauty and functional well-being!

Orthodontic Care Tips

At Symeou Dental Center, we provide you with orthodontic care tips throughout your treatment to ensure your oral health.

Orthodontic Research and Advancements

At Symeou Dental Center in Nicosia, we remain dedicated to staying well-informed and abreast of the ongoing research and development in orthodontic care.

Revolutionary Treatment Techniques

New and refined orthodontic appliances and technologies are emerging, enhancing the precision, effectiveness, and comfort of orthodontic interventions.

From computer-aided design (CAD) software to three-dimensional imaging, technology empowers dentists to visualize, simulate, and execute treatment strategies with unparalleled precision.

Rigorous research ensures that advancements are evidence-based, paving the way for treatments that offer exceptional results.

Orthodontic journals and publications are important platforms for sharing scientific discoveries and progress.

As the world of orthodontics embraces continuous progress, Symeou Dental Center stands at the forefront of innovation, committed to incorporating the latest advancements into our practice.


Invisalign clear aligners are custom-made for each individual’s unique dental structure. You can remove them for eating and brushing.

Dental Brackets

Dental brackets are the traditional and reliable way to straighten teeth and achieve a well-aligned smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry dedicated to addressing dental misalignments and enhancing bite problems. Its primary goal is to align teeth and improve jaw positioning, resulting in a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Orthodontics typically involves non-surgical procedures like braces or aligners, but orthognathic surgery could be considered in specific cases.

Orthodontists concentrate on alignment and bite correction, excluding fillings or general dental procedures.

Orthodontic treatment benefits those with dental misalignments, bite problems, or individuals seeking smile enhancements.

Orthodontists undergo additional specialized training beyond general dentists to effectively address orthodontic concerns.

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies based on the case’s complexity, ranging from months to a few years.

In certain instances, orthodontic treatment may necessitate the extraction of specific teeth to create alignment space.

Orthodontists primarily focus on alignment and bite correction, typically not performing wisdom teeth extractions. They may collaborate with oral surgeons specialized in wisdom teeth removal.

Should you require additional information or pursue superior orthodontic services in Nicosia, we welcome you to arrange a complimentary clinical consultation at our dental facility.

Our skilled orthodontists deliver top-tier treatments for individuals of all ages, employing cutting-edge technology and a patient-centric methodology.

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