Dental lasers produce a very narrow and intense beam of light energy that is used in the mouth to perform many different functions. Dental lasers are designed to perform very selectively, meaning that using the correct settings for the tissue we are working on (tooth enamel or soft tissues), we do not harm the surroundings, opposing to older techniques. Our Kavo Key laser is an ErYag type of laser that works on both hard and soft tissues.

Key benefits of laser application in dental procedures:

  • Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated faster.
  • Bleeding and swelling is minimized during soft tissues treatments.
  • No damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Less tooth structure is removed during decay removal.
  • It disinfects and removes bacteria from the area that it is used on.
  • Can be used to carry out procedures on patients who cannot tolerate traditional procedures; for example decay removal in children and patients that are afraid of dental drilling, and patients with breathing problems.

Applications of dental laser include:

  • Laser-Assisted Gum Recontouring
  • Laser-Assisted Periodontal Treatment
  • Frenectomy
  • Symptomatic treatment of aphthas and labial herpes wounds
  • Excision of gum overgrowths, discolourations or fibromas
  • Laser- assisted fillings