Our teeth are continually bathed in saliva, which contains calcium and other substances that help strengthen and protect our teeth. While this is a good thing, it also means that we tend to get a build-up of calcium deposits on the teeth. These deposits accumulate on our teeth and eventually start moving towards and under our gums, providing the right conditions for bacteria to thrive. This causes gum inflammation (gingivitis), which is most commonly seen by the patient as swollen gums that bleed easily.

Gingivitis is treated by professional teeth cleaning (scaling), after which the gums recover and assume their original form and position. Scaling is followed by polishing, which removes stains usually left by coffee, tea and tobacco.

Additionally to traditional cleaning methods, we also employ the use of an airflow system device, which is perfect for fast and pain-free removal of enamel stains and bacterial plaque, without damaging the enamel of our teeth. This machine sprays out a jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate powder to thoroughly clean the teeth surfaces, reaching areas where no other instrument can reach, while being gentle to the teeth!

The purpose of the cleaning and polishing is to leave the surfaces of the teeth clean and smooth so that bacteria are less able to stick to them and you have a better chance of keeping the teeth clean during your regular home care. Most importantly, regular cleanings help us to prevent more serious and irreversible conditions associated with untreated gum disease.

  • Why do we need professional teeth cleaning?

    To maintain a good oral hygiene we need to brush our teeth at least twice daily, and get professional cleanings done twice per year. The main objective of this, apart from keeping our mouth clean, is to prevent and/or treat gum disease.

  • I brush my teeth regularly. Why do I need to visit my dentist for scaling?

    Even if we brush and floss regularly, dental plaque forms physiologically at specific regions where we cannot clean by ourselves. It is therefore necessary to visit the dentist for professional cleaning twice per year.

  • How can I tell if I have gingivitis?

    In this condition our gums look swollen and very red/purple, and they bleed very easily.

  • Is scaling painful?

    We want to assure you that here at SYMEOUdental center we take every measures available to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. It depends on the degree of inflammation and the condition in which the patient arrives to us. If necessary, local anesthesia is used to carry out the necessary procedures.

  • How often should I visit the dentist for teeth cleaning?

    In general, we recommend that cleanings are done twice per year. Some people however need to have them done more often (usually every 4 months). Our dentists will advice you on such information.